My paintings are generally abstract usually inspired by landscape.

The medium I prefer to use is a mixture of oil and cold wax.  This enables me to build up layers to create texture and to scratch into and reveal the surfaces beneath.  They are very much about the paint; manipulating it in an experimental way to create a sense of curiosity which echoes the curiousness of the subject. Things don’t always go to plan. Actually, very often they don’t. Sometimes the outcome is nothing like I intended. Consciously I try to identify the essence or feeling of something and then combine with paint and serendipity. For instance, while in Nepal I made notes and took photographs, not of whole villages but of elements that interested me. Sometimes it was just how the electricity wires cut across the mountain scenery, or it was the relationship of the colour of the houses within the landscape.


Curator Nat Rubinstein wrote "Young's latest abstract works are inspired by her trip to the Himalayas. She layers the paint in an almost sculptural way echoing the endless planes of the mountains".


Currently three of my paintings are being shown on the hoardings at the new Battersea Power Station development.

I am a based in the UK and my paintings can be purchased and shipped worldwide through 


Helen J Young 

Helen J Young Painting 2nd from right at Battersea Power Station

2010 - present

2010 - present

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